At Burlington Raeford  we specialize in fabrics for uniforms and career apparel. We know what’s important to the people who wear these uniforms. Over 40 years of experience have led to the development of fabrics that are the longest lasting, best performing and most comfortable in the market.

Uniforms are only as good as the fabric used to make them, but the labor to sew the uniform and future garment maintenance are the most expensive elements of owning uniforms. Choosing the right fabric now will help keep your labor costs down today  and your maintenance costs down well into the future.

Use the information here as the basis for determining your specific needs. Your Burlington Raeford partners are always glad to help you with your decision and can recommend “job-specific” solutions. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of our services.


Every branch of the United States Armed Forces and the United States Military Academy uses Burlington Raeford fabrics. Many international militaries also call Burlington Raeford to fulfill their fabric needs. Our years of experience and advanced technological capabilities mean that Burlington Raeford alone can meet these exacting specifications. Not only do we provide fabrics for traditional uniforms, but we’ve also perfected fabrics for technical outerwear and battle dress uniforms. Only Burlington Raeford can provide this blend of technology, fabrics and service.
Burlington Raeford provides for all aspects of the Public Service market, from classic worsted wools to heavy-duty waterproof breathable fabrics. In the US, we have long been a valued partner and leading provider to state and local police, fire departments, the United States Postal Service, Park Service, Border Patrol and Customs. Our dependability, color continuity from year to year, and uniform experience combine to make our uniforms not only fully functional, but attractive and durable as well.
With Burlington Raeford Career Apparel fabrics you can enjoy cutting edge fashion with long term durability for the professional look that lasts.To carry your unique look through your entire business, we provide a breadth of fabrics to outfit each member of your staff for a cohesive, unified look. Our fabrics have features that are perfect for the Career Apparel market. We offer stretch, water / stain resistance and sun protection, as well as fast drying, waterproof, breathable and windproof fabrics. To us, it’s more than just fabric. It’s your image.


Burlington Finishing Products – Burlington, NC

Burlington Raeford – Raeford, NC

Burlington Raeford is a unique part of one of the largest textile companies in the world and represents a 50 year tradition of experience in uniform fabrics. We offer a full line of uniform fabrics from the finest worsted wools and synthetic blends to high tech outerwear.

Casimires Burlmex® – Mexico

State-of-the-art, totally vertical spinning, weaving and finishing worsted wool facility.

Jiaxing Burlington Textile Co, Ltd – Jiaxing, China

The Jiaxing Burlington Textile Co, Ltd (JBT) facility offers high-tech, high-quality dyeing and finishing of synthetic fabrics for apparel. Completed in June 2007, the JBT facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Supported by the technical resources from ITG’s Burlington Labs in the USA, JBT’s high-tech lab and product development resources are dedicated to bringing our customers the best in cutting-edge processes and advanced performance technologies to produce the highest quality fabrics.