Burlington Military leverages a diverse range of high performance manufacturing capabilities and a complete range of fiber / fabric blends that delivers state-of-the-art military solutions worldwide.

Our fabric portfolio encompasses military applications from extreme weather gear, camouflage combat and utility materials, and tenting and shelter fabrics to shipboard covers and ballistic materials.


Burlington Finishing Products – Burlington, NC

Burlington Raeford – Raeford, NC

Burlington Raeford is a unique part of one of the largest textile companies in the world and represents a 50 year tradition of experience in uniform fabrics. We offer a full line of uniform fabrics from the finest worsted wools and synthetic blends to high tech outerwear.

Safety Components – Greenville, SC
Safety Components offers a wide array of technical fabrics for specification driven markets such as aircraft escape slides and fuel cells, composites, hot gas filtration, color stable outdoors, and coating and rubber processing, as well as specialty and niche military products.

Carlisle Finishing Plant – Carlisle, SC
Carlisle is a primary manufacturer of battle dress uniform fabrics for US prime government contractors. They also supply material for US Army ACU, US Marine Corp MCCUU, US Air Force ABU and US Navy NWU. In addition, Carlisle has been engaged in supply contracts in South America as well as countries of the Middle East.