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Plaid-ology Collection

The expanded Plaidology™ Collection is a 100% piece dyed plaid collection that allows customers to create a custom plaid design from a variety of fabric weight, pattern sizes, and repeats. Perfect for active lifestyles, these fabrics combine fashion and function to move seamlessly through the day.

This summer, Burlington® introduced Plaidology Plus. The expanded process offers even more creative print options to functional fabrics while saving time and resources. With Plaidology Plus customers create a unique electronic CAD design and Pantone colors. Burlington® takes those elements and prints it onto one of its many performance enhanced fabrics, allowing customers to coordinate color and strategy between a solid fabric, custom Plaidology piece dye, and a Plaidology Plus print design.


• Customer to supply Electronic design of pattern and Pantone colors.

• A4 size strikes for first look. Depending on size of pattern repeat.

• Minimum order per color (Price is dependent on RMB exchange rate)

-Sample order 500 meters or less: base fabric price + (negotiable amount)

– Bulk greige order 3000 meters/ 1000 meters per print pattern color way: Pricing is style dependent, base fabric price + printing price (negotiable based on size of order)

• Lead-time for bulk finished fabric is approximately 30-45 days after pattern/color ways are confirmed.

• Pricing is dependent on volume opportunity.

The Plaidology process allows for shorter lead times and lower dye lot minimums compared to yarn-dyed plaids. Customers begin the Plaidology process by choosing their preferred fabric style, pattern and color. Plaidology contents vary from four-color to two-color varieties allowing for light, medium, and dark shades. The next step is to determine the desired Burlington® performance technology. These element management solutions can be applied as a single technology or cross-matrixed for multiple functionality and protection from elements such as sun, water, and insects. 

How to Choose Pantone Colors for a Piece Dyed Plaid


•100% piece dyed versus yarn dyed

• Shorter lead times

• Low minimum order per color

• Multiple pattern sizes and repeats

• Vast array of color ways

• Customizable to meet your seasonal needs

• Can be matrixed with any Burlington Labs technologies

• Can be combined with various surface finishing techniques