Thank you! From Burlington & AdoptAClassroom

We’re proud to continue our partnership with to support teachers and students in our community get back to school with the supplies needed to learn and succeed.

We teamed up with Taye Diggs and to surprise teachers at his alma mater, School of the Arts in Rochester, NY with a donation to’s online marketplace so that their teachers can purchase much-needed supplies for this school year. Then, we turned the tables on Taye and surprised him with seeing his former teacher Miss MaryLee Miller!

Watch and see the difference your donation can make!

Mr. Dan B.,
4th Grade Teacher, Carson, CA

“As a teacher just going into my second year, the support from Burlington and its customers provides the opportunity to quickly create a flexible classroom that promotes creativity, collaboration, and learning.”

“The Social-Emotional Health of our students will continue to be a huge focus in the coming year. Burlington’s donation will help provide students a warm, inviting place in the classroom to lose themselves in a great book, dive into a collaborative project, or just take a brain break and breathe.”

“I tremendously appreciate the efforts of Burlington and its customers to provide the students in our shared community access to opportunities they might otherwise miss. Your generosity allows teachers in deserving schools the resources to provide experiences and opportunities that our students need for their continued success!”

Ms. Tera G.,
3rd Grade Teacher, Burbank, IL

“The pandemic has created a huge learning gap with our students and that is one of the biggest challenges this year and for next year. The donation from Burlington will help overcome these challenges next year by preparing us with resources to handle this learning gap and begin to work on individualized learning plans to get our students back to normal grade-level standards.”

“The support from Burlington makes me feel confident going into next year and eager to help our students recover from the learning gap caused by the pandemic. It also means a lot to our students (who will benefit the most), our school, and our community.”

Ms. Flor M.,
1st Grade Teacher, Madison, WI

“I teach at a bilingual school. Half of my students speak Spanish and the other half English. It is really important that my students have a variety of texts that represent who we are. With this generous donation I am able to build a classroom library with all reading levels and with different topics, all in Spanish!”

“My school has about 500 students every year. 49% of the population lives in poverty. About 250 students attend the Spanish immersion program, which offers both English and Spanish instruction.”

“We don’t have access to authentic, bilingual material like books and games. We also don’t have a wide variety of books that portray BIPOC or are written by BIPOC. I want to start a diverse classroom library with books that portray BIPOC and that are written by BIPOC in Spanish.”

Ms. Jessica F.,
Kindergarten Teacher, New Caney, TX

“With help from Burlington, I was able to provide each student with all the supplies and materials that will help them do their school work, learn in a fun way, and keep them from spreading germs by only using their own materials and not having to share with others and possibly get exposed to COVID.”

Ms. Nikita G.,
4th Grade Teacher, Oakland, CA

“There’s been so many different things I’ve been able to get for the children as a result of getting donations. We’re so grateful for it. I try to get things myself for the kids, and that doesn’t always work when you have a class size of 30, even when you’re at the dollar store.”

“I want to say a heartfelt thank you. Trying to do it alone has not worked. To actually have the help, we’re extremely grateful for it. So are the children. They know what donors do. They’re extremely grateful too.”

Mr. Peterson L.,
Middle School Teacher, Brooklyn NY

“Right now we’re not reading a lot of books, because students cannot find a lot of books online. When we go back in-person, it’s going to be a lot of assessment to see where they’re at in terms of standards to get them to the next level of skill. We need different grade-level books so we can address some deficiencies.”

“Our recent donation from will be important to help students build the confidence they need to participate in class and to conduct read-alouds, because they need to read.”