Watch Teachers Surprise Their Fellow Teachers with Much-Needed School Supplies!

Watch and see the difference your donation can make!

Rosa Paulino Plett

Rosa Paulino Plett,
2nd Grade Teacher, School 12 in Clifton, NJ

“Burlington’s donation makes a huge difference because the kids get to play outside now. We have activities for them to do! Before, we were in such desperate need for recess equipment. Now they get to do activities and they’re so happy. All the second graders get to enjoy the jump ropes, chalk, bubbles, and other items that we got.”

“It’s a really good thing that Burlington is supporting education, especially in this time, during the pandemic. A lot of parents have lost their jobs and don’t have funds for school supplies. It is important to ensure that students have what they need to learn the way they should be.”

Yahaira Carabello

Yahaira Carabello,
2nd Grade Teacher, School 12 in Clifton, NJ

“I used Burlington’s donation to purchase recess materials because I feel that it is extremely important for my students to be social and let loose. They have so much pressure on them from everything going on in the world.”

“I think it’s important for companies like Burlington to support education right now because we are going through a lot. More than normal. Any support makes our job a little easier. Your support makes our students’ learning experience a better one.”

Meg Hoyt

Meg Hoyt,
Chemistry Teacher, South High School in Minneapolis, MN

“It’s important to me to know that corporations like Burlington support education. They
understand that educating our children is important, and important enough to invest money in.”

“Burlington’s donation was exciting and relieving to me. It meant that I had funds to make the classroom experience better for my students.”

“I used Burlington’s donation to purchase filters for the fluorescent lights in my classroom. It’ll look like blue skies, or like you’re looking through a canopy of trees…the physical environment sets the mood for the students. Soothing it makes the students feel more relaxed and ready to learn.”