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Students need supplies. Teachers need help.

We need you.

Your dollar can make a BIG difference!

How you can help

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Your donation helps students in your community* get the school supplies they need to succeed.

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*A portion of donations collected will be donated to a teacher's school classroom within each retail store location's respective community, up to $1,000 per location. The remaining donations collected will be used to fund school supplies for classrooms nationwide and will further's mission.


"Thanks to your support, my students have 228 new books to devour! The key to helping children become good readers is to get them books that are interesting! The books you helped purchase are books that captivate their imaginations and compel them to keep reading. You have helped inspire these youngsters to become passionate lifelong readers!"
Deicy Solis, Teacher,
P.S 125 The Ralph Bunche School

"Due to your generous donation, we purchased many of the consumable items that we can't normally afford. Some examples are colored pencils, hot glue guns and glue sticks, buttons, beads, material for puppets, and colored masking tape. The 500 students of Buder Elementary thank you for your donation. There have been many STEAM learning experiences for the students ages 5–12. Creativity and problem solving skills are being applied in each project using the materials you provided."
Christine Phillips,
Library Media Specialist,
Buder Elementary School

"The impact your donation has brought not only to my class but to our school will be on-going because 96 students this year will benefit from your generosity, and some of the supplies/materials will be used for the upcoming school years. Thank you for supporting my education dream and to help empower my students to be positive role-models."
Diana Centeno, Teacher,
Sam Houston Elementary

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