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Baby Registry

Why should I create a Baby Registry? How far in advance should it be created?
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Preparing to welcome a new addition to the family is an exciting time, but it can also be very busy and hectic as well. With so much to manage, it's good to know that a Baby Depot Registry is a great way to organize and keep track of everything you will need for your newest family member. It will also make it easier for your family and friends to share in this exciting time.

You can start your registry whenever you like, but we suggest that you create it at least 5-6 months prior to your expected due date. That will give you plenty of time to plan for this big event.

How do I create a Baby Registry?
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It's easy to create a Baby Depot Registry and tailor it to your own wants and needs. You can start a registry on-line on our Baby Registry page. Just follow our three step process:

Step 1:
Create A Registry: Click the Create a Registry section and complete the information on the form that is provided. We ask that you share some information about your upcoming event as well as some information about you so that we can help you manage your registry easily. Once completed, you will have a chance to review and modify any information before you save it. Then, your registry is ready to go!

Step 2:
Add Products: Now, it's time to have fun. As soon as you finish the set-up, you will come to our Welcome page. Here you can see some great product suggestions, use our checklist and review other useful tips to help you decide just what you want for your new baby, or you can just start exploring the site. Whenever you see an item you want, you can just click on the Add to Registry link that you see on the product page and it will be automatically added to your Registry. Best of all, you can come back and add or make changes to your registry at any time in the future online or in any of our stores.

Step 3:
Share with your friends and family. Read about the different ways to do this here.

How long will a Registry remain active at Baby Depot?
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A Registry will remain active in our system for 18 months after the expected arrival date of your baby. This way you can plan ahead now and keep track of new products you will need over time. After all, newborns grow so fast and their needs will change.

Can the registry be listed in two last names?
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Yes, each registry allows up to two “Registrants” to be named. The first registrant will be considered the primary registrant and will be able to access and update the registry (select items to add/delete from registry, set-up shipping information, send emails, etc.). The second registrant will have view only access, but will be able (if authorized by both the primary registrant and themselves) to receive update emails regarding the registry. The last names do not need to match for Registrant 1 and 2, and when someone comes on-line or into our stores to look-up your registry, both names will be presented.

How do I let people know that I have a registry open at Baby Depot?
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Once you have created a registry and added products to it, you will be provided with the opportunity to “Share” your registry with family and friends. This can be done from the My Registry section of the site which can be reached once you log in. To log in, just click any Baby Registry link at the top of any page or the Baby Depot promotional tiles on the home page for Baby Depot.

Sharing options include posting a registry announcement to Facebook, Twitter or Google + accounts, as well as sending emails to a contact list. The choice is yours and it’s easy. Also, we have an option for you to print out Registry Announcement cards from the registry if you prefer this option. Just give each person you want to notify a card and add your name, your expected arrival date and the registry # and its ready to put in the mail!

Can I go to the Baby Depot/Burlington Coat Factory store and add items or make changes to a Baby Registry that I have opened on-line?
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ABSOLUTELY! You can open a registry in-store or on-line and make changes wherever you please. Just know that not all items in a store will be available on-line and vice versa. Items which are available only in-store will be noted that way on the website so your family and friends won’t be confused.

To manage a Baby Registry on-line: Just go to the Baby Registry home page and click “Update Your Registry.” Sign in (with your email and password) and you will be able to review your information and product selections. Then, feel free to make any updates or modifications. Remember to save your changes when you are done and your registry will automatically update.

To manage a Baby Registry in any store: You can make the same changes to a Registry in any store from our kiosk/terminal in the Baby Depot department. And, if you want to shop around to add products to your registry, that’s easy too. A store associate will be happy to assist you.

It is always a good idea to regularly check your registry to be sure it is up-to-date. Some gift purchasers may forget to inform us that they are buying an item from a registry or you may sometimes receive gifts purchased elsewhere. An updated registry will ensure that you receive just what you want and will avoid confusion or duplicate purchases.

Can family and friends shop from my registry in any store?
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Yes. Once you have created your registry, it is available on-line and in our stores. A sales associate will be happy to assist your family and friends who visit any of our stores. Should they wish to purchase any item on your registry that is not carried in that particular store, it can be purchased on the kiosk/terminal and shipped to you.

How do I find a Baby Registry?
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It’s easy to find any Baby Depot Registry. In a store, use the kiosk/terminal located in the Baby Depot department to print out a copy of a registry or ask a sales associate for assistance. On-line, just visit the Baby Registry home page on our site and you will see a “Find a Registry” section there. You can search for a registry by registrant name(s) or state. A search will return any registries that match. Click on the specific registry that you want and you are all set to go. If the search returns no possible matches, just try to re-enter the information (and check spelling, too!). Or, it may be that the registry has not been set up yet.

Can Registry gifts be sent directly to a registrant?
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Yes. All registrants can choose to have their gifts sent to a designated address We will share this information with you at check-out when this option is available. You can also always have the products you purchase from the registry sent to your home or another address. This information will be requested when you Checkout and complete your purchase.