How to Find Your Suit Size - Men's Suit Fit Guide
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Men's Suit Fit Guide

How to Find Your Suit Size


The first thing you need to know is that suit sizes are based on chest measurements.
Ex: If your chest measures 42", you should purchase a 42 suit.


The waist size of the pants that come with your suit will be approximately 6"-7" less than your jacket. This is known as the drop. A 42 suit = size 36 pants approximately.


Please see the chart below to determine your correct jacket length.

Suit Length*
Short (S)
Regular (R)
Long (L)

5'4” – 5'7”
5'7.5” – 5'11”
5'11.5” – 6'2.5”


Pants are unhemmed so you will need to have them tailored.

* May vary slightly by brand.

Don't think this type of sizing works for you?

Check out our selection of suit separates to select the exact jacket and pants sizes you need.

– See below for a quick how-to on measuring –

a. CHEST: Wrap tape measure around your torso – be sure to go underneath your arms, across your shoulder blades & over the largest part of your chest.

b. WAIST: Loosely hold a measuring tape around your natural waistline. Your natural waistline is above your belly button and below the start of your rib cage.

Find Your Fit

Slim Fit

Slim cut through
the shoulders.

Higher armholes &
narrower sleeves.

Shorter jacket
length & rise.

Slim fit trousers
& flat-front pants.

Modern Fit

Narrower cut across
the shoulders.

Trimmer fit through
the chest & waist.

Trim fit trousers
& flat-front pants.

Traditional Fit

Wider through
the shoulders.

Fuller silhouette for
a comfortable &
classic fit.

Roomier trousers.
Pleated & flat-front

Big & Tall Fit

Fuller & longer

Wider & proportionally
placed pockets.

Roomier trousers cut
to sit naturally on
waist. Pleated &
flat-front pants.