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Contact Information

Please reference the below contact information that may be used frequently when shipping your merchandise to our distribution centers:

Vendor Setup Department

609-387-7800 x73022

The Vendor Setup department can be contacted with any vendor setup or maintenance concerns including new account setup, vendor form completion, account updates, TMS (Transportation Management System) access, and Gateway (web based EDI solution) access.

Vendor Relations Department

609-387-7800 x73318

Burlington has implemented a “Single Point of Contact” team to act as a liaison between the vendor and Burlington’s internal departments to ensure that all of your inquiries are handled in a timely and efficient manner. The Vendor Relations department can be contacted with compliance issues, packing and labeling questions, as well as floor ready questions regarding hangers, tickets, and size markers. This department can also assist with general EDI/Gateway questions as well as understanding Burlington’s requirements for shipping your product to us. For information regarding payment of invoices, checks, shortage deductions, new stores discounts, or any other accounts payable related issues, please contact our Single Point of Contact team via Vendor.Relations@burlington.com.

EDI Department

609-387-7800 x73340

The EDI department provides technical support for Burlington’s Gateway system, testing for traditional EDI, as well as technical support for the transmission of data and EDI mapping. This department can also assist with allowing Burlington access to your UPC catalog.

Routing Department

609-387-7800 x72181 or 72182

The Routing department will assist with routing for collect shipments as well as routing linear/volume shipments.

Appointment Scheduling Office

609-387-7800 x73024

The Scheduling department will assist your carrier in coordinating an appointment to deliver your shipment to one of our distribution centers.

Changes or follow-up communication regarding appointment requests using the new system should be directed to Burlington.ASM@burlington.com

Vendor Compliance Portal

This portal provides vendors the ability to view vendor compliance (VC) and freight (FRT) chargeback details, photos and other supporting chargeback data, download individual compliance chargeback details, submit disputes, as well as view the resolution status. For login creation or assistance with the Vendor Compliance portal, please send an email to the Vendor Relations department with your contact information.

FineLine Technologies

US Support: support@finelinetech.com
HK Support:support@finelinetech.com.hk